Friday, 29 April 2016

What your website says about you

plumbers along with builders, carpenters, bricklayers and electricians have the worst websites on the market.  I dont know why this is, but the service based industry has seemed to be infected with low quality websites and low quality marketing, in this article we look at some of the huge "no, no's" that you should avoid.

1. Be responsive

your site needs to work on a mobile phone and i dont mean it needs to load, it all needs to fit on the screen, the user shouldn't have to scroll left to right to find your content, if they have to move that far then your website is failing.   not working correctly on a phone means that your website is being penalised in the search engines for not being mobile friendly and it is also being hated by your users because it is so hard to use.

your website should be easy to use, and search friendly.

2.  SEO Optimised

i think people in the service industry are cautious about SEO because everyone promises the world when it comes to seo only to be let down.  SEO will get you visitors but if your site is badly designed then you are losing customers, not visitors customers.  People will hit your site, hate it and leave.  goodbye potential customer.

If you need a web design for plumbers that converts visitors into customers then i recommend checking out a company called weeare.  they specialize in building web sites for builders, plumbers, electricians and other businesses in the service industry.

3. easy to use

A website that is hard to use and hard to navigate will cost you money.  You dont need flash banners, you dont need sliders and you certainly dont need flashing images or sounds, you need a website that shows your potential customers what to do, how you do it and how they can contact you.  Anything more is just clutter.

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